SCENES OF ARCHITECTURE is a blog dedicated to reviewing the architectural in movies, TV shows, and games. Each review examines one scene and is written to uncover and highlight particular qualities, practices, and virtues of architecture.

For example, the most interesting scenes of architecture in movies, TV shows, or games are those in which building typologies such as labyrinths and towers as well as elements like windows and stairs are not functioning merely as a decorative stage or as the setting for a storyline. They have an agency and are directly involved in action and interaction within the visual and spatial narrative. Additionally, the reviews also take into account camera movement and game play that not only capture points of views but also control the projection and production of architectural space.

The reviews feature new releases as well as classics from the past decades.

This site was launched in 2017 by Nicole Stoecklmayr, an Austrian writer and lecturer in history and theory of architecture, media studies, and design. Visit stoecklmayr.com to learn more about her other projects or follow her on Instagram.

If you want to get in touch with SCENES of ARCHITECTURE, send an email to nicole@scenesofarchitecture.com or use the contact form below.